Welcome to Mooncat Studio

WARNING! This site contains material of a mature nature. While all downstairs bits (if any) have been censored or cropped, there are definitely titties here.

This site is still currently undergoing construction!

Illustration and Dailies pages will be combined into a single page with new types of examples based on line type and coloring type. A gallery page will be added to show completed examples.

Pages that are still being compiled:
Ref sheets, Badges, Stickers and Icons, Testimonials



Full color illustrations, painted or lined, with backgrounds and multiple characters.

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Reference Sheets

Put all your character information in one place. With an accurate reference sheet, commissioning illustrations of your character has never been easier!

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Medium sized stuff, done on the day you schedule it!

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Various types of sketches. Quick and affordable!

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Convention Badges

Visit your next convention in style, with a custom badge.

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Stickers and Icons

Cute expression busts, ideal for telegram stickers or site avatars.

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do you want ants? because this is how you get ants

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Interested in a Commission?

Yes, I have read the TOS and all relevant pages, and I WANT SOME ART, DAMNIT!