Prices for 2022 have been updated.


Since I cannot accurately predict how much time a comic will take because each one is different, this type of commission is recommended to be charged an hourly rate. You pay for as many hours as you wish, generally once a week or once every two weeks. I will work on the comic for the allotted time. Rinse and repeat until the comic is complete to your satisfaction.


My rate is $18 per hour. If you think that’s too low, you’re free to tip!


If you would prefer a flat rate, do note that the quoted price must be paid for either all up front or in “fourths”, that is a fourth of the total in intervals decided by me, with the first payment being up front.


Comics can be done in various styles and stages of “finish”, from sketch to ink, grey tones to color, flats to renders, and many different panel styles, lineart styles, and overall feel. If there’s a particular comic that you like the graphic style of and want something similar, be sure to send me examples.


A comic commission can range in size from a single page of a few panels, to many pages of up to eight panels. Multipage comics have the option of a cover page as well.

What YOU need to do to get started

  • A good read-through of the ol’ TOS, specifically the Will/Won’t draw subject matter section.
  • Write a script of the general plotline and have a good idea of the setting(s) the story occurs in, plus any dialogue. It doesn’t need to be fancy or detailed, but it does need to touch on the different scenes that occur. If need be, I will ask for more details for specific things.

What I need from you before work can begin

  • The script, of course.
  • Accurate references for all characters involved. Description or references of attire for each character. References and/or description of the setting(s).
  • An idea of your budget for the project.
  • A minimum of $100 up front payment.

What I will need from you throughout the process

  • A minimum of  $100 payments every two weeks, or when I have used up the allotted time from the previous payment, whichever is later.
  • Patience. A comic, depending on the number of pages and level of detail, can be a HUGE project. It may take many months or years to complete, depending on how frequently I can work on it.
  • Trust. I will always continue to complete work as time is paid for. If something comes up to delay work, I will let you know. I will never cut and run.

What you will get from me during the process

  • WIPs of each page in each stage.
  • Professionalism in my communications with you.
  • Understanding. I know that sometimes shit happens. If you need some extra time to make a payment, need to put the project on hold, or cancel it, that is completely fine. Just note that I cannot give refunds for any work completed.
  • Each final page as it’s completed.

If you’re ready to get your idea down in graphic novel format, give me a poke at the email address below.