In Memorial

Faggot ("Faggie")

2016-02-23 01.22.59

Late Apr, 2004- Jan 18, 2018
13 years, 9 months

(Note about her name: I understand that I have used a word that some people consider offensive as my cat's name. I did this not out of maliciousness or callousness, but out of love. As both a writer and an LGBTA individual, I believe words are offensive only if they're used in an intentionally insulting and hurtful manner. The word "faggot" to me sounded silly, easy to say, and sounded cute in a "talking to a cat" voice. I would never use the term toward any LGBTA individual unless they were a friend and it was in a playful manner.)


Life story and more pictures to come soon.

I will miss you, my beautiful tortie.