Stickers and Icons

Forgive the mess, I just transferred my site to a new server the other day and the reupload messed with my page layouts.  They will be fixed soon.

Each sticker is sized properly for instant upload to the telegram stickerbot. The client is responsible for putting together their own sticker pack out of the pngs provided, but if help is requested, I can walk you through the process.

Single sticker: $15
Pack of six: $80
Dozen: $150

Packs can be a single character only, or various characters. Two characters in a single sticker is possible, but the price will count as two stickers.

Stickers can be rated General or NSFW. Please remember to read my TOS to see what I will and will not draw.

Ordering Information

Send an email to
Include references of the character, and any additional text description as needed.
Include description of each sticker. Mood/attitude, any props or text, clothing, etc.