Stickers and Icons

Prices for 2020 have not changed.


Here’s where you can order stickers, icons, avatars, and emotes. 

Stickers for Telegram, Twitch, Discord, etc

Each sticker will be delivered in the standard sizes for the services you wish to use them with.

Single sticker: $15
Pack of six: $80
Dozen: $150

Packs can be multiple emotes for a single character, different characters in each, or any other type of graphic, with or without text. Two characters in a single sticker is possible, but the price will count as two stickers.


Stickers can be rated General or NSFW. Please remember to read my TOS to see what I will and will not draw. Please remember that Twitch does not allow NSFW graphics.


Square headshot of your character for use in an online profile, or of anything else you require an icon for, such as game graphics. 

Simple: $25
Painted: $40

If icons are needed for a game, please inquire about bulk pricing.


For use in discord, twitch, etc. These are generally tiny when used, but along with the proper use sizes of the emote, you will also receive the larger working size. Please keep in mind that due to the small size when in use, certain details with your idea may not be able to be implemented, or may be lost in the final resize. 

Single: $15
Pack of six:  $80

Ordering Information

  • Send an email to
  • Include one or two relevant images of the character.
  • Any idea of pose, attitude, or mood for a character based sticker or avatar. What the character is wearing, if anything.
  • Any other relevant descriptions needed.