Stream RuLes

  • When visiting my stream, you are entering MY domain. I like a peaceful atmosphere with intelligent, civil conversation. I do not tolerate bigotry or discrimination based on sex, gender, race, sexual preference, religion, fetish, etc, and I prefer to keep it fun, friendly, and interesting place to be.
  • I don’t use a microphone ever, so feel free to mute the stream if you’re not interested in my music or tv shows.
  • Pimping your own stream/commissions in my stream is not tolerated. Doing nothing but whining about your horrible life is not tolerated.
  • It’s alright if you’re there to hang out without buying anything. It’s not alright to whine about how you’re broke or can’t afford something. I don’t care. Just enjoy the stream.
  • Feel free to talk to others in the chat, but don’t get bitchy if nobody responds to you for whatever reasons.
  • Do not expect me to be chatty during the stream. I may talk, but that is at my own discretion. I am both drawing and watching stuff at the same time, so my attention is not on always on the chat.
  • Do not roleplay in the stream or get “cuddly” with me or anybody else, even if they know you. I’m generally pretty friendly, but unless you visit my streams frequently, you’re not my friend. Please treat me like a casual acquaintance and expect nothing further.

Commission Inquiries During Stream

  • If you have a question about commissions during the stream, feel free to ask. Please note that I cannot give you a definite price for any commission unless I have all the details of what the commission may entail. This includes character and clothing references, basic scene idea description, and references or description of any included props or background.  These things must be sent through email so that I can look at it during a free moment and will have the information ready if the commission is accepted.
  • Most questions about commissions are answered on this site,  likely in my Terms of Service, which you will need to read anyway.
  • Please allow up to 30 mins for me to receive and read your email. If you are still in the stream at this time, I can reply directly in the chat. If not, I will reply via email.
  • Inquiries about a commission for the current stream are a higher priority than a general commission inquiry. If you are looking to get a commission other than what I’m offering in the current stream, please allow 24 hours for a response. See the Contact page for more info.

Ordering During A Stream

  • Read this whole page, my TOS, especially the will/won’t section, (and Stream Rules if you’ll be visiting a stream). By commissioning me, you agree to these terms. If you do not read them, it is your fault.
  • Send an email to
  • Attach, or embed reasonably sized reference files into the email. Links are NOT preferred.
  • Maximum two references per character/object.
  • Please include your FA (or other gallery) name.
  • Your pose/scene idea. I do not do well with artistic freedom for this type of quick work. Pose references welcome.
  • Any other relevant descriptions needed. 

After I receive your email and accept the idea, I will send you a link to pay. This is paypal by default, but if desired, I will also accept Walmart or Amazon gift cards. Never send money without approval.


You will be placed on the queue AFTER I receive payment only.


Payment must be sent ASAP, else your slot may be pushed to a later day.

Turnaround time And queue

Turnaround time depends entirely on what you have purchased, where you are in the queue, and if/when you’ve scheduled a stream. During a customer scheduled stream, that customer’s piece will be the first or only thing to be worked on. 

If you purchased a slot for that specific stream, then it will either be completed during that stream. If I cannot complete the sketch during the stream, I will finish it up at the next possible chance. A follow up stream will not be necessary, but I might offer one at my discretion, depending on how much work is left to be done.

Finishing Up

When a sketch is completed, it will be emailed to you the next day. You may upload the sketch into your own gallery as long as credit and a link back to my gallery is given.