Stream Rules

Please understand that when visiting my stream, you are entering MY domain. I like a peaceful atmosphere with intelligent, civil conversation. I do not tolerate any bigotry or discrimination based on sex, gender, race, sexual preference, religion, fetish, etc, and I prefer to keep it fun, friendly, and interesting place to be.

On Saturdays, I have music, and on weekdays I have tv shows on. I don't use a microphone ever, so feel free to mute the stream without fear of missing something I've said.

Coming into the stream to pimp your own stream/commissions is not tolerated. Coming into the stream to do nothing but whine about your horrible life is not tolerated. My stream isn't a pity party, and it's also not about you in any way, unless you're buying art from me.

It's alright if you're there to hang out without buying anything. It's not alright to whine about how you're broke or can't afford something. I don't care. Just enjoy the stream.

Feel free to talk to others in the chat, but don't get irritated and bitchy if nobody responds to you for whatever reasons.

Do not expect me to be exceptionally chatty during the stream. I may talk, but that is at my own discretion. I am both drawing and watching stuff at the same time, so my attention is not on always on the chat.

If you decide while watching that you would like to buy a commission, I will not conduct business in the stream chat. This means do not ask for my paypal there, and do not put your references there. Please refer to the page for type of commission you'd like, and follow the instructions there.

Do not expect me to be affectionate or accept your affection. Do not roleplay in the stream or get "cuddly" with me or anybody else unless they know you. I'm generally pretty friendly, but please don't think that just because we had a conversation once that we are best buddies now and treat me as such. I do not respond to pet names like honey/hun/sweetie/babe/etc.

And uh.. don't try to private chat with me in the stream. I don't usually notice that it's private, and I will respond publicly. If you have something you want to say privately then you can email me. Otherwise, just say what you have to say in the public chat.