Prints and Merch


8.5″x11″ prints of almost any artwork piece on this site or any of my other galleries are available to order directly from me for $5 per print. Your choice of matte or glossy.


Shipping is $6 per order within the continental US, and you can request multiple prints to be shipped together. If you are outside of the US, I will need to calculate shipping costs to you.


Simply email me with links to the artworks that you would like prints of, and provide me with your mailing address and preferred paper type.


Note: Many of my artworks were not created with prints in mind, and thus are often not the exact proper dimensions. When possible, I will crop a piece to fit the page, and print borderless. When this is not possible, the print will have white edges on two sides. You may trim these if you wish, or leave them as is.  

Larger Format Prints, Posters, Wall Scrolls, etc.

Many pieces in my gallery are a suitable resolution for larger prints. Unfortunately, I no longer have a large format printer, so any prints will have to go through a third party printing company. 


If large prints are desired, simply link me to the images you’d like, and let me know what size/format you’d like them printed, along with your mailing address. I’ll provide you with a quote for the prints and shipping. 

Popular Prints