Full Illustrations

Illustrations are modular, meaning you can choose from different line types and coloring styles. Below are per character starting prices, minus any complexity fees.

The template examples below are incomplete. Coming soon are:
Simple Soft Shading- add $25 to preferred line type
Detailed Shading - add $45 to preferred line type
Speedpaint - $65
Detailed Paint - $125


Please see galleries below for examples.

Flat Illustration Examples

Simple or detailed lines and flat colors with no shading.

Simple Illustration Examples

Simple lines, simple shading

Small Painted Illustration Examples

Small quick paintings

Detailed Illustration Examples

Detailed lines and simple shading, or detailed lines and detailed shading.

Detailed Painted Illustration Examples

Detailed lineless paintings.

Important Information

  • Be sure to read my TOS completely before attempting to purchase a commission.
  • You may ask for a quote if you are unsure what the price will be.
  • In order to provide you with an accurate quote, I require the full description of your idea, all character references, and all additional references that may be needed.
  • Attach all references to the email. Links are not acceptable unless it is a link to a permanent dropbox or google drive folder.
  • Once a price is agreed upon, I will send you an invoice. You may pay it whenever you are ready, but work will not start until payment has been received.
  • I can do payment plans if required, or hourly work instead of flat rate. My hourly rate is $15/h.
  • You may schedule streams to watch me work on your illustration, or if you cannot, I will send these WIP shots: rough sketch, tidy sketch, lineart (if applicable), rough color composition (if applicable). For each WIP I send, you are allowed to request as many small fixes or changes as needed as long as they are all contained with the one reply. You are allowed to request major changes (different pose, different scene) only at the rough sketch stage. Please take your time to look over the WIP thoroughly before sending a revisions reply. Any extra changes past those allotted will be charged extra at $15/hour.
  • If you're having it streamed, you can ask for minor edits at any time.
  • Depending on the size and type of the illustration, and my schedule, it can take anywhere from a week to three months to complete the commission.