Character Reference Sheets

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Character reference sheets are available in different styles to suit your character or budget. Two full body view minimum. Build a custom reference by adding extra closeups and views, outfits,  action sketches, and/or expression sketches.

Simple – Default. Simple clean lines and flat colors.
$50 per full body view. $10-$30 per closeup.

Detailed Ink – More emphasis on line detail, thinner lines overall. Great for characters who are themselves detailed, such as characters with scales, extra fluff, or anything else that needs an extra bit of detail.
$70 per full body view. $15-$45 per closeup.

Stylized Ink – Thicker, more brushlike lines, similar to sumi-e or chinese brush. Great for if your character is extremely simple. Lively strokes will add an artistic touch to what would otherwise be a plain sheet.
$30 per full body view. $10-$30 per closeup.

Add Shading – Semi-detailed rendering added on top of flats.
+$30 per full body view. +$5-$20 per closeup.

Painted – Lineless, detailed rendering.
$80 per full body view. $20-$50 per closeup.

Character detail may incur an additional fee if markings or attributes are complex. (Stripes, spots, wings, specific horn types, etc)

Included with all character reference sheets:

  • A background, usually a fill/gradient with some texture and a border, in a color scheme that complements your character.
  • The character’s name in an eye-catching, character appropriate font.
  • If desired, biometrics for the character, like height and anatomy dimensions.
  • Color swatches ONLY if the ref sheet is shaded/painted, OR if specifically requested by the customer.

Things I would highly suggest to include on a reference sheet:

  • Front and back views. Obviously.
  • At least one closeup of your character’s most interesting or most detailed part.
  • Height. It greatly helps the artist to get size relationships correct when drawing your character in a setting or with other characters.
  • Dimensions of important anatomy. Breast size, junk size. Waist/hip/ass/paw size if those things are important to you or will be important in artwork you commission. Other things like tail/ear length might also be handy.

Things I would discourage on a reference sheet:

  • full side view. Usually not needed unless your character has something interesting on their side that needs to be shown. In that case, I’d suggest a closeup of the area instead.
  • written bio. Blocks of text about your character’s past, likes and dislikes, and anything else that an artist who will be using the reference to make art for you would find irrelevant for the scene.
  • character weight. Tends not to be necessary, and in addition, most people are not very good at choosing a realistic weight for the character based on height and body type. Best to do your research first or leave it off all together.


Template Ref


Choose from premade ref sheet views.

As-Is – $15 per view.
No alterations made to lines, flat colors added only.

Minor Alterations – $25 per view.
Two attributes can be altered/added/removed: ears, tail, hair, muzzle, genitals, breasts hand or feet.

Major Alterations –  $30 per view.
More than two minor alterations or any single major alteration, such as body type, leg type (digitigrade, etc), adding wings or extra parts.

Extra Alterations – might as well get a custom at that that point!

Character complexity fees apply to templates.