Character Design and Reference Sheets

Character design

Single Character design - $40 for 3 hours. Expect a front view and neatly sketched lines at the least. Depending on the character itself, and if the design process goes quickly, inked lines and/or a back view may be added for no extra charge. A six hour design includes a guaranteed back view, plus at least one outfit design, and some action and/or expression sketches.  Additional outfits, actions, expressions can be added if there is still time available.

Batch Character design  - The base batch fee is $25 for a batch of 3, $35 for a batch of 6. This price includes the design process for the  batch, plus your one favorite of the final designs. The remaining designs will be sold individually for $20 each, either to you, or the public.

Base designs will be front view only. I can design the back of your chosen designs for $20 each.

For each design batch, you get three "specifics" details, which are things you decide each design MUST have, such as particular species, species group, hybrid type, color, color scheme, body type, sex, etc. The non-specified details will be my own decisions. Bits of the different designs can also be mixed and matched during the process to get a design you love.

All remaining designs that you don't purchase yourself will be offered for sale publicly. Posting the sheet of designs on your own page and linking to my submission of the same to advertise the designs is highly welcome.

Reference Sheets

Character reference sheets are available in different styles to suit your character or budget. Two full body view minimum. Build a custom reference by adding extra closeups and views, outfits,  action sketches, and/or expression sketches.

Custom Ref Sheets

Sketch - Tight sketches with quick flat colors.
$25 per full body view. $5-$20 per closeup

Ink - Default. Simple clean lines and flat colors.
$35 per full body view. $10-$30 per closeup

Detailed Ink - More emphasis on line detail, thinner lines overall. Great for characters who are themselves detailed, such as characters with scales, extra fluff, or anything else that needs an extra bit of detail.
$50 per full body view. $15-$45 per closeup.

Add Shading - Semi-detailed rendering added on top of flats.
$15 per full body view. $0-$10 per closeup.

Painted - Lineless, detailed rendering.
$80 per full body view. $20-$50 per closeup.

Character detail may incur an additional fee if markings or attributes are complex. (Stripes, spots, wings, specific horn types, etc)

Included with all character reference sheets:

  • A background, usually a fill/gradient with some texture and a border, in a color scheme that complements your character.
  • The character's name in an eye-catching, character appropriate font.
  • If desired, biometrics for the character, like height and anatomy dimensions.
  • Color swatches ONLY if the ref sheet is shaded/painted, OR if specifically requested by the customer.
Template Ref


Choose from premade ref sheet views.

As-Is - $15 per view.
No alterations made to lines, flat colors added only.

Minor Alterations - $20 per view.
Two attributes can be altered/added/removed: ears, tail, hair, muzzle, genitals, breasts hand or feet.

Major Alterations -  $25 per view.
More than two minor alterations or any single major alteration, such as body type, leg type (digitigrade, etc), adding wings or extra parts.

Extra Alterations - might as well get a custom at that that point!

Character complexity fees apply to templates.

What is the difference between a reference sheet and a character design, and which should you choose?

A design is for when you have a general idea for a character you'd like to create, but aren't certain on the exact details and want to see various options with the traits you desire, or want to design a specific new character with the help of the artist.

A reference sheet is for an already designed character. You may already have an old reference that needs to be updated, or just multiple images of the character. You may even have only a text description and photo references of the attributes that you want, but you already know what the character should look like, designwise.

If you need to have a design done, but know that you'll eventually want a nicer reference sheet, a finished design can be upgraded into a reference sheet for the price of the sheet minus the design price, as long as the design pose can be used as a base for the ref sheet. This upgrade option is only available for up to two months after the design was finalized, otherwise the ref sheet will be full price.

Most people opt to just get the ref sheet separately, because the poses for the character design are very basic and meant to plan out the colors and markings in the most visible manner, whereas actual ref sheet poses are chosen to be a bit more dynamic with character personality in mind.