Contact Mosa

You can reach me at for any commission related inquiries.


My work hours tend to be around 5-6PM to 12-1AM EST Monday to Friday. 

I don’t usually answer emails outside of these times, and almost never on the weekend, so please be patient if you are waiting for a response or a commission. I answer all emails that require a response.


DO NOT SEND MONEY to that email address using paypal or any other payment service, because it is not connected to my payment accounts.

If you simply want to chat, there are two places you can find me. 

Telegram Chat Mostly furries in here. Some NSFW stuff is posted every now and then, so please be mature enough to handle it if you wish to stay. 

Discord Server My wife’s Hatsune Miku fan server. There are some furries in here, but mostly just anime and vocaloid nerds. This is also a mature server, but adult content has its own channels. 


It goes without saying that if you’re disruptive or exhibit bad behavior, you’ll be ejected from the chat.