You can reach me at mosa AT mooncatart DOT com for any commission related inquiries.

If you have come across any other email that I own (paypal address, alternate email, etc) DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO THEM. I do not check my paypal address. Filters forward all payment related mails to my main account, and anything else that ends up in that inbox can sit there for days or weeks before I notice them and I will not reply.  Unless I specifically request that you use a particular address to send me information, only use the mooncatart address to contact me.

On that same note, do not send money to the mooncatart address. I will give you my paypal address if you need it.

I do not answer emails on Sunday or Monday. If you need a reply before Tuesday, you'll need to email me before midnight on Saturday.

On rare occasions I may not be able to reply to your email for a few days or more. Please wait at least one week before sending me another email, because if I haven't replied within a week, I didn't get your email at all.