Sketches and Wingits

Simple, affordable commissions. Great for something quick, or just to test whether or not you like my style as preparation for a possible larger commission. 


All prices listed below are for single character only. Maximum two characters per sketch, simply multiply the price by two. Wingits are single character only.


Characters with wings or lots of spots/stripes or detailed clothing will require a complexity fee.

Duochrome Sketch
Sketch only – $20
With Tones or Shading – $30 
Colored Sketch

Quick flat colors with a bit of shading. May be experimental in style.


More refined than a colored sketch, inked with flat colors. You simply send character reference and a couple key words or theme idea, and I will choose the pose/action.

$45 – $60

Stream ordering

Sketches are sometimes done via announced sketch streams. When I announce stream sketch commission openings, I may have discounted prices, so you might want to keep an eye out for them on my FA, Twitter, and Telegram channel. The first couple orders are done that same day.


Please see the Stream page for information on how to order a sketch during a stream and what to expect.

Ordering Information

If you don’t wish to wait for an announced stream, you can order whenever you like by emailing me and simply asking. There won’t be any special discounts, however, you are able to either schedule your own stream or just have me work on it privately and email it to you once it’s complete.

  • Read this whole page, my TOS, especially the will/won’t section, (and Stream Rules if you’ll be visiting a stream). By commissioning me, you agree to these terms. If you do not read them, it is your fault.
  • Send an email to
  • Attach, or embed reasonably sized reference files into the email. Links are NOT preferred.
  • Please include your FA (or other gallery) name.
  • Your pose/scene idea. References welcome.
  • Any other relevant descriptions needed.