Streamer Services

I offer a variety of artistic services for streamers, and am always expanding to offer new things!


This page is currently under construction, but please feel free to browse what’s here.

VTuber Avatar for Face Tracking (Artwork only)
$300 and up

Delivered in .psd format. All parts separated for easy Live2d rigging. Price depends on how detailed the character is, the art style, and how many separate moving parts there needs to be. 


Artwork available in a variety of styles:

  • Flat colors only
  • Simple cel shading
  • Detailed soft shading
  • Painterly 

Character varieties available:

  • Anime (most styles)
  • Toon
  • Furry


See Details section below for more information and order requirements.

VTuber Avatar for Face Tracking (Live2d Rigging Only)
$300 and up

If you already have the artwork for your avatar done by another artist, I offer full Live2d rigging services for use with Facerig or other face tracking programs.


Character will be able to turn left/right, look up/down, lean side to side, and forwards/backwards. Full eye and mouth movements. Hair, breast, and clothing physics. Specific animations for toggleable facial expressions or hand movements are also available but will cost extra. 


Price depends on the number of parts the character contains that must move, and how many deformers needed to get the desired effects. 


See Details section below for more information and order requirements.

Examples coming soon

VTuber Avatar PLUS Live2d Rigging (RECOMMENDED)
$600 and up

Artwork for an avatar as listed above, PLUS full Live2D rigging for use with Facerig or other face tracking program. 


This package is recommended, as it ensures that all pieces of the character will be properly separated onto individual layers, and all required parts are present, to ensure the best animation quality. 


See Details section below for more information and order requirements.


Panels, buttons, banners, video borders, afk/brb screens, character props, etc.


Can be order by the piece, or as a full themed package. Please email for a quote if interested in a graphics package.

Examples coming soon

Emotes, and Stickers

Please see this page: Stickers and Icons


Ordering Information

Preferred contact method is email: 

However, feel free to contact me on Twitter or Discord if you have any questions. 


When ordering, please include a link to your Twitter and stream channel so that I may link back to you when I post the finished work. 

Artwork Details
  • Be sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the page.
  • Provide a reference image of your character if one exists. If not, a well written description will suffice, supplemented with any image references of specific details.
  • $50 minimum payment up front to complete the character sketch, then either partial or full payment to get started on the actual clean artwork.
  • Timely responses when WIPs are delivered, to ensure speedy delivery and that the character looks as desired.
Rigging Details

If the artwork was done by me:

  • Provide details of what and how additional parts should move if there are extra or non-standard attributes.
  • $100 minimum payment up front to get started on eye and mouth shape movements. Full remaining payment or partial payments will be expected before work on the rest of the rigging begins.
  • Timely responses when WIPs are delivered, to ensure speedy delivery and that the character looks and moves as desired.

If the artwork was done by another artist:

  • I’ll need everything above, plus:
  • I will require the .psd or .clip file of the character artwork to be used, with each moveable part separated onto its own layer. 
  • If the artwork needs any substantial editing in order to make it work properly with Live2d, and the original artist can not or will not do the extra needed work, I may ask for an additional fee to do the cleanup myself. This fee will vary depending on how much extra work needs to be done.
  • If the original artwork is a flat, unlayered file that I will need to separate and edit myself, I will charge an extra fee depending on how much work must be done to separate each part.  

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms. If you do not read them, it is your fault.


Most of my standard TOS are still applicable, so please read that as well. In addition:


Because I work on multiple commissions at a time, if you need the finished avatar by a certain date, please plan ahead and be sure to start the commission process at least a month ahead of time. Make sure that you are paid in full at least two weeks before the due date. 


If you require that I don’t post the artwork/finished avatar until after a specific date, you must disclose this information up front before work starts. Otherwise, I may, at my own discretion, post WIPS during the process and final artwork at any time.


Please credit and tag me for the work in every place that it’s used.