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Wingits are lined and flat colored pieces in which you provide me with the character reference and some key words, and I choose the pose and  whichever key words spark my imagination. Also included is an abstract background shape.

Wingits are single character only, with no WIPs or revisions, but a stream can be requested, and any character mistakes I may make can be fixed at that time. If no stream is requested, you receive the final product via email.

I cannot do a wingit of a character that does not already have a visual depiction. Reference sheets or other artwork of the character is required. No text descriptions please.

The base price for a wingit is  $45. 

However, if the character is complex, and has any of the following in the list below, an additional fee of $10-20 may be applied.

  • Wings
  • Multiple limbs or other extra body parts
  • Elaborate/detailed markings
  • Elaborate/detailed costume

[Examples will be added soon, for now please see my FA gallery here: ]

To order, simply email me at with your reference attached, and subject labled “Wingit”.