Pay what you want sketches

Digital sketches

Quick and simple. Colorful. Choose a pose for your character or simply offer some keywords.

Same day

Get your sketch the same day if you order early in the stream. Sketches that are not finished during that stream will be completed during the next.


Pay as little as $10 for a single character rough sketch. Pay more for additional refinement and shading or tones.

Any Rating

G rated to X. I'm not shy.

How to order

1: Read this whole page, my TOS, especially the will/won’t section, (and Stream Rules if you’ll be visiting a stream). By commissioning me, you agree to these terms. If you do not read them, it is your fault.


2: E-mail info to mosa at mooncatart dot com
Attach, or embed reasonably sized reference files into the email. Links are NOT preferred.
Please include FA (or other gallery) name as well. Single email only, maximum two references per character/object.
Please include a brief description of the scene or preferred pose. I do not do well with artistic freedom for this type of quick work. Pose references are great.


3: Send payment.
Walmart or Amazon gift cards are also accepted.


4: You will be placed on the queue AFTER I receive payment only.
Payment must be sent ASAP, else your slot may be pushed to a later day.